Gathering inspiration from the local landscape, he recreates surfaces that suggest a process of decay, transformation and renewal. His compositions are energized by the interplay of vibrant color, texture and image. His thoughtful use of different media reinforces a sense of history and memory. -Linda Lewis

Sustainable Arts Foundation awardee Cande Aguilar
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Harlingen, TX- Beyond Arts Gallery proudly presents
FOUND: Found Object Art, Assemblage, and Other Transformed Work

Group Art Show featuring the works of
Cande Aguilar, Laurel Becker, Mark Clark, Teodoro Estrada,
David McCall Freeman, Rene Garza, Carla Thorman Hughes,Veronica Jaeger, Chris Leonard, Jessica Salazar McBride, Nancy Moyer, Eloy Jesus Rodriguez, Mauricio Sáenz,
Benjamin Varela, Paul Valadez, Aleida Garcia Wedgworth, Brian Wedgworth, Corinne Whittemore and Fulden Sara Wissinger.
The exhibit showcases a diverse selection of collage, ceramic and mixed media sculpture and art assemblages.

The opening is scheduled for Thursday, July 13th from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm and is free and open to the public. The exhibition will be on view until September 2, 2017.

“Found art, more commonly called found objects is a term used to describe art created from common objects not normally considered to be artistic. The idea behind found art is that the piece of art derives its significance from the context into which it is put. Found art blurs the traditional lines of what is art and questions the very nature of art itself. Found objects are often used by artists and may include the repurposing of street signs, license plates, or bottle caps, use of recycled paper, or imaginative application of household items.” - Smithsonian Institution
For more information please contact Beyond Arts Gallery.
114 N. A. Street Harlingen, Texas 78550, (956)230-2859

Beyond Arts Gallery

SURFACE TREATMENT: Artworks connect with viewers via common, sometimes unusual materials

Un Espacio privilegiado para un ritual contemporaneo, concepto Fred Michiels
opens 09-08-2017
Plaza de la catedral, 3 3.38201 La Laguna TENERIFE, Spain


Juanjo Valencia
Peter Van Ammel
Roel Jacobs
Francis Denys
Wannes Lecompte
Cande Aguilar
Henk Delabie
Hugo Draulans
Andre Delalleau
Bart Vandezijvere
Pichakorn Chukiew
Robert Quint
John Christopher
Boy Stappaerts
Kurt Vervloet
Kurt Ryslavy


boeckercontemporary at Faux Mouvement, Centre d'art contemporain, Metz July 6th to October 22nd 251

artists from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Cyprus, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, UK, México, USA, Ireland, Israel, Maroc, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Thailand, & Finland

10x10x10x Tieton exhibits around 150 small works from around the globe each year. Works are of any media or process from photo, painting, printmaking, book arts, video, ceramic, glass, metal, wood and more.

The exhibition takes place in the Mighty Tieton Warehouse and a handmade catalog is created by Lucia Marquand to showcase that year's artwork, with every artist receiving a copy and more available for purchase.

August 12 to October 8, 2017 at the Mighty Tieton Warehouse. Open gallery hours are Friday - Sunday from 12 - 3pm.
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 12th from 12 - 3pm.


Tieton Arts 10x10x10

Mexican-American Perspectives

Mexican-American Perspectives, and aims to showcase the varied themes, perspectives, experiences and outlooks that contemporary American Artists of Mexican cultural heritage explore.
The show runs from September 15 to December 5, 2017. The opening reception is Friday, September 15, 6-8pm, Cain Gallery, Fine Arts building, East Campus. 101 Baldwin Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78404