Studio Critical
Pleat Gallery studio visit
We Are the Dead
March 5 from 6:30 -8:30pm
show runs March 5 - April 9, 2016
Kirk Hopper Fine Art
3008 Commerce St.
Dallas TX 75226

participating artists

Cande Aguilar USA
Paul Behnke USA
Karl Bielik U.K
Valerie Brennan CY
Brian Edmonds USA
Mali Morris U.K
Sabine Tress DE
Paul Wright USA

Nueve (9) Galeria 409 celebrates 9th anniversary show show opens October 7th
409 E 13th St
Brownsville, Texas 78520
Brownsville Herald-Nueve(9)

nueve (9) video

Mark Clark invite clip

Pulp Painting, curated by Valerie Brennan, September 12, 2015 Studio Apothiki, Paphos, Cyprus

This year's exhibition brings together an eclectic mix of 25 international abstract painters. The idea of Pulp painting was first created by Inga Dalrymlpe in a Facebook conversation with Valerie Brennan during a running commentary on a painting by Sabine Tress. Quick, dynamic, bold, lurid, brash, spectacular....words that come to mind when you think of pulp (as in fiction) and as painters we know that our best work is often either the quickest work we make or the slowest, most difficult work to complete. Pulp Painting celebrates those rare moments when everything falls into place and a great painting arrives that is beyond our expectations.

Participating artists:

Emily Auchincloss USA
Julie Alexander USA
Cande Aguillar USA
Karl Bielik UK
Valerie Brennan IRE
Susan Carr USA
Brian Cypher USA
Inga Dalrymple AU
Ludovic Dervillez FR
Brian Edmonds USA
Judith Farr ES
Bridget Fahy IRE
Justine Frishman USA
Yifat Gat FR
Terry Greene UK
Helen O’ Leary IRE
David Myrvold SE
Niall Sherrin IRE
Julia Schwartz USA
Sabine Tress DE
Julie Torres USA
Pier Wright USA


Touched for the Very First Time

Lane Meyer Projects is pleased to announce it's first exhibition Touched for the Very First Time opening October 9, 2015. Featured artists will include:









The Writing on the Wall, The Painting Center June 23 - July 18, 2015
NEW YORK, NY 10001
(212) 343-1060

Writing on the Wall Press release

Writing on the Wall CATALOG

The Writing on the Wall – Text in Visual Art – The Painting Center

Usual Suspects, curated by Sabine Tress July - August 2015 Wright Gallery
artists participating
Cande Aguilar
Paul Behnke
Karl Bielik
Valerie Brennan
Inga Dalrymple
Brian Edmonds
Phillip J Mellen

Family Ties Brooklyn - Dallas

mostly Brooklyn Artists Commune with mostly Dallas Artists
curated by
Bonny Leibowitz - Julie Torres

500X Gallery
opening reception
Saturday, April 11th 7:00pm - 10:00pm
exhibition continues through May 3rd
On view Saturdays & Sundays, Noon to 5 p.m. Weekdays by appointment

Brooklyn-based painter Julie Torres and artist Bonny Leibowitz of Dallas, TX have partnered to co-curate a unique exhibition of 80+ artists from Brooklyn, 40+ local Dallas artists and several like-minded artists from around the country, in "Family Ties."
Torres' recent "Family Style" exhibitions in NYC are the inspiration for this community-expanding project. Leibowitz and Torres share an affinity for the participating artists' exciting work and for collaboratively organized exhibits.
"Family Ties" celebrates the limitless potential of artists supporting artists.

Julie Torres is a painter and arts organizer in NYC and will be in attendance for the opening.
Bonny Leibowitz is an artist and "Family Ties" co-curator living in Dallas

Family Ties artists
Albert Weaver, Alex Paik, Alexis Granwell, Ann Glazer, Anne Russinof, Ashley Garrett, Austin Thomas, Bailey K Chapman, Barbara Laube, Becky Yazdan, Ben Pritchard, Ben Terry, Bonny Leibowitz, Brett Dyer, Brian Edmonds, Caetlynn Booth, Cande Aguilar, Cecilia Salama, Chance Dunlap, Christina Tenaglia, Christopher Moss, Christopher Rose, Claudia Tienan, Daniel John Gadd, David Michael Connolly, David T Miller, Deanna Wood, Douglas Florian, Elizabeth Gourlay, Elizabeth Riley, Ellen Letcher, Emily Berger, Enrico Gomez, Eric Mavko, Erica Stevens, Fran Holstrom, Fred Gutzeit, Georgia Elrod, Ginny Casey, Giovanni Valderas, Gwendolyn Plunkett, James Prez, Jamie Powell, Jason Rohlf, Jay Henderson, Jeanne Neal, Jeff Parrott, Jennifer Shepard, Jenny Leigh Jones, Jill Vasileff, Joan Mellon, John Kesling, Jonathan Cowan, Julia L Trinh, Julia Schwartz, Julie Alexander, Julie S. Graham, Julon Pinkston, Justine Frischmann, Karen Schifano, Karl Bielik, Karla Areli, Katherine Mojzsis, Kevin Andrew Curran, Kristen Biles, Ky Anderson, Kyle Gallup, Lael Marshall, Lauren Collings, Leeza Meksin, Leslie Kerby, Levi Haske Liz Ainslie, Liz Atzberger, MaDora Frey, Maria Britton, Marian Brunn Smith, Mary Judge, Matthew Neil Gehring, Maxwell Stevens, Mayra Barraza, Meg Atkinson, Melissa Capasso, Melissa Staiger, Michael Frank Blair, Nancy Ferro, Paul Behnke, Peggy Epner, Phillip J. Mellen, Polly Shindler, Rachael Gorchov, RE Cox, Rebecca Litt, Rebecca Murtaugh, Roberto Munguia, Ryan Goolsby, Ryan Michael Ford, Sally Warren, Sean Montgomery, Stephen B. MacInnis, Suhee Wooh, Susan Carr, Susan Cheal, Teresa Ekasala, Todd Camplin, Vicki Owen, Vicki Sher, Wendy Klemperer, Will Hutnick, William Crump, William Eckhardt Kohler, William Lawler, Zak Vreeland

500X Gallery
500 Exposition Ave.
Dallas TX. 75226

Bonny Leibowitz

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CAM 2015 marks the 3rd anniversary for Hello Studio. Parallels is a show featuring 11 artists exploring color, line, shape, and composition

Opening Reception: Friday, March 6th 7:00pm

Xochi Solis (Austin, TX)
Casey Deming (Minneapolis, MN)
Jennifer Sanchez (Brooklyn, NY)
Sarah Frey (Austin, TX)
Christie Blizzard (San Antonio, TX)
Raul Gonzales (San Antonio, TX)
Kristy Perez (San Antonio, TX)
Manik Raj Nakra (Austin, TX)
Jorge Puron (San Antonio, TX)
Jane Bishop (San Antonio, TX)
Cande Aguilar (Brownsville, TX)

Hello Studio is an artist run studio and gallery located in the Blue Star Arts Complex.

Hello Studio
1420 South Alamo St.
BLDG B #106
San Antonio, Tx 78210

aeon is a visual dialogue with large-scale abstract paintings by Louis Vega Trevino, Jorge Puron, Ben Mata, and Cande Aguilar. The one-day art exhibit is part of Contemporary Art Month 2015 and will showcase each artist’s particular composition style and use of color palette. Aeon is open to the public on March 12, 2015 from 8pm to 11pm at Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex which is located at the 108 Blue Star.
For more information contact Lauren A. Trevino (210) 241-2073 or Emelda Elísa Hernández at (210)800-1984.