Gathering inspiration from the local landscape, he recreates surfaces that suggest a process of decay, transformation and renewal. His compositions are energized by the interplay of vibrant color, texture and image. His thoughtful use of different media reinforces a sense of history and memory. -Linda Lewis

Sustainable Arts Foundation awardee Cande Aguilar
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Liberty as an Emblem of Failure

Exposition internationale
les artistes:
1/ A+B ( NL)
2/ Cande Aguilar ( USA)
3/ Catho Hensmans ( B)
4/ Charles Ligocky ( USA)
5/ Christophe Denys ( B)
6/ Claudio A. Marrero (ES)
7/ Dennis Guerra ( B)
8/ Enzo Mara (UK)
9/ Gwénaëlle Hansen (B)
10/ Gudrun Somers ( B)
11/ Hugo Draulans ( B)
12 / Jean Dalemans ( B)
13/ Jean-Michel Uytersprot (B)
14/ John Christopher (B)
15/ Jorge Puron ( MEX)
16/ Juan Valencia (Es)
17/ Karl Bielik (UK)
18/ Lena Penate ( Es)
19/ Ludovic Dervillez (F)
20 / Nina Lassila (FIN)
21/ Pascal Courcelles (B)
22/ Robert Quint ( D)
23/ Valerie Brennan (CY)
24/ Wim Maes (B)
25/ Philippe Genette (B)
26/ Charley Case (B)
27/ Isabelle Linotte (B)
28/ Kim Demane (Su)
29/ Valérie Gourmet (Be)
30/ Stephane Manzone (Be)
31/ Bruno Sluydts (B)
32/Agbert Aerts (NL)

Vernissage le samedi 24 mars à 18h00
Concert d’An Pierlé à 20h30
(Tiquets et informations concert: 081/234 555)

Du 24 mars au 22 avril 2018
vendredi 13h à 18h, Samedi 11h
à 18h,
dimanche 13h à 17h
& visites sur rdv
Place de la gare-1360 Perwez

Crazy & Foolish Ambitious

group exhibition January 20, 2018 through February 18, 2018 at the
Center of Tamines & Auvelais Belgium

cande aguilar
Francis Denys
Filip Van Kerckhoven
Benoit Piret
Valerie Brennan
Juan Valencia
Karl Bielik
Charles Ligocky
Andre Fromont
Vincent Demol
Evelien De Jong
Wijnand Steemers
Luc Fierens
Ludovic Dervillez
Christophe Denys
Zena van den Black
John Christapher
Robert Quint
Jorge Puron

VOZ, Selections from The UTSA Art Collection

The University of Texas at San Antonio in conjunction with The City of San Antonio's Department of Arts & Culture presents VOZ Selections from The UTSA Art Collection an exhibition at the Centro de Artes gallery on the grounds of San Antonio's Historic Market Square. The show, which includes 222 works of art by 166 Latino and Latina artists, is scheduled to open on February 8, 2018 and will run through June 10, 2018.

Centro de Artes gallery
101 S Santa Rosa Ave, San Antonio, TX 78207