• Cande Aguilar
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  • Cande Aguilar, Jr Brownsville, TX(1972). A self-taught _. artist he began his career as a musician at the age of 10 and recorded his first album by the age of 13. As a touring musician, he toured the United States and received numerous awards. The touring period allowed Aguilar to mature and gain inspiration from diverse cultures. In 1999 he produced his first oil painting, and has since accumulated an impressive body of work. In this short period, he has shown his passion and dedication for the arts. Aguilar's work is an example of the unique art
    form found in the Rio Grande Valley.

    recent exhibitions include:
    New York, NY Denver, CO Dallas, TX Northport, MI San Antonio, TX
    San Diego, CA Watkinsville, GA San Jose, CA Gig Harbor, WA Alexandria, LA Houston, TX Augusta, GA Monroe, LA Paphos Cyprus

    Aguilar’s work can be found in Collections:

    International Museum of Arts & Science, McAllen TX Brownsville Museum of Fine Art
    Wichita Falls Museum of Art
    UTSA Art Collection, San Antonio TX
    Mountain View Collage, Dallas TX