Gathering inspiration from the local landscape, he recreates surfaces that suggest a process of decay, transformation and renewal. His compositions are energized by the interplay of vibrant color, texture and image. His thoughtful use of different media reinforces a sense of history and memory. -Linda Lewis

Sustainable Arts Foundation awardee Cande Aguilar
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Spend the summer at The Union for BBCA’s latest event series featuring live music, art, boutiques, craft cocktails, & more! Featuring Cande Aguilar, Felipe Contreras, Raul Gonzalez, Robert Hodge, Ann 'Sole Sisiter' Johnson, and Linda Simien Kelly.

One year down many more to come! #TheSummerUnion is our way to just have a little fun this summer with a fluid exhibition where we will cycle through new and past works by some of the artists we’ve worked with in the past year and those who we’ve wanted to work with for a long time. For the next two months we will host several activations at @theunionhtx to give u something new to see and do each time! Opening reception this Thursday from 7-9!! #blackbuddhababy #houston #artscene #contemporaryart

The Union
2315 Union Street, Houston TX 77007
The Union

Exposition groupée d'art actuel organisée par Frans Daels, GaaC (Generosity as a Currency) et OoUA (Office of Useless Art)

Liste des artistes exposés :
Rita Cox, Trix Hofman, Marianne Vereijken, Jose Optenberg, Pieter Zouwen, Kees van den Boogaart, Huub Sadee, Jos Vandersommen, Evelien De Jong, Ellen Gieles, Thomas Chable, Christine Renard, Pol Pierart, Marie France Bonmariage,Pablo Garcia, Luc Navet, Bruno Quelin,Jean Pierre Husquinet, Michel Leonardi, André Delalleau, Pierre Gémine, Michael Beauvent, Pieter Bas, Helena Kersten, Gwénaëlle Hansen, Dennis Guerra, Jonas, Dan Decalut, Hugo Draulans, André Fromont, Benoit Piret, Juan Valencia, Claudio A. Marrero, Jorge Puron, Cande Aguilar, Enzo Marra, Karl Bielik, Valerie Brennan, Christian Grenier, Vincent Demol, Raimond Teilis

Curateur: Frans Daels
Jul 14 - Aug 5, 2018
Aux Cortyls 5, 4190 Ferrières, Belgique
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