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We are the Dead, group show
We are the Dead, group show

We Are the Dead
Cande Aguilar, Paul Behnke, Karl Bielik, Valerie Brennan, Brian Edmonds, Mali Morris, Sabine Tress, Pier Wright
March 5-April 9, 2016
Opening reception Saturday, March 5, 6:30-8:30 pm
Artists will be in attendance
Kirk Hopper Fine Art is pleased to announce our upcoming group exhibition entitled We Are the Dead. The exhibition includes works by Cande Aguilar (USA), Paul Behnke (USA), Karl Bielik (UK), Valerie Brennan (CY), Brian Edmonds (USA), Mali Morris (UK), Sabine Tress (DE), and Pier Wright (USA).

We Are the Dead magnifies the ideas of variety and disparity in order to present a multifaceted, committed and dynamic group of painters all of whom eschew the bland, somnambulistic, and ever present approach of Zombie Formalism. In its place are idiosyncratic, powerful, poetic, and individualized statements by painters deeply immersed in their craft and committed to the idea that to communicate their own internal landscape is one of the bedrock reasons to paint.

These painters have long and varied exhibition histories, including curatorial projects, and many have previously exhibited together all over the world. These connections only enhance a running and involved conversation of criticism and support that binds their work and the painters themselves.

text by Paul Behnke