CANDEart > multipanel 2017-2000

American Scape
American Scape
mixed media on coroplast multipanel
48x58 inches

private collection

Gabriel Trevino: Art of Brownsville

Cande Aguilar is a great modern artist. His paintings are both simple, complex and truly challenge the viewers thoughts. His expressive scribbling and neon presence slashed apart on over commercialized images, pasted and overlapping discarded materials displayed in a large size choice, to me clearly suggests that he is not afraid of the freedom of his artistic neo-expressionism. I can't say I truly understand the messages in his paintings if and when there is any as it may only be deciphered by the artist but I can say I am comfortable with them the way I am comfortable with a magazine on a coffee table , the cartoons on TV or a business signs piercing the sky next to the express way. His paintings also reflect the freedom of thought in a sense or idea of a painting not entrapping the viewer on a single image but to let the viewer wonder about.